Why did we start Lanbelle?

BY. lanbeller

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Why did we start Lanbelle?
I just wanted something truly worthwhile for my skin.
I focused on only two things which are the same when choosing any cosmetics.
First, it should not include harmful ingredients.
Second, how much high-quality ingredients are contained.
Doesn’t it sound so simple?
But see for yourself.
I couldn’t find any cosmetics keeping this simple rule,
“If there is none? I will make it myself!”
That thinking 35 years ago became the motive of Lanbelle.
Created simply by selecting pure and clean ingredients in particular
the highest grade, the EWG green grade,
and then combining them optimally, Lanbelle.
Remove the harmful substances without hesitation
High quality ingredients to your satisfaction
This is my mission and the philosophy of Lanbelle.

Purest beauty in your lifetime. Lanbelle.

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