Lanbelle's story starts
with the CEO's handmade creams

And afterwards we have not stopped to continue researching for the best.
Lanbelle's asks and worries, this is the tradition at Labelle.
This is also the reason why we are opening a Lan’s Academy.


The more the people want the very best to hit the market,
the more of the very best will eventually exist in the market.
We are frontrunners in that mission.
Become part of this adventure alongside the CEO, Lanny Park.
The unique, the one and only customized skin care product can be created by you.
Using the same base ingredients as the actual Lanbelle products.
Natural essential oils and functional ingredients training session will take place.
Classes about ingredients and other information.
My very own handmade cosmetics making session.
(Creating the recipe and naming it)

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Lanbelle Skincare Kit

If you share Lanny's message on your facebook wall and let us know, you can get Lanbelle skincare kit for free.

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Lan's Academy

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